The Petersen Museum in Los Angeles has been the benchmark for automotive museums since its inception in 1994. With a complete renovation currently underway, the museum is on schedule to complete its total transformation in December 2015.

Last week, The Petersen Automotive Museum announced several new partnerships with some of the world’s most prominent brands.

LandiRenzo is proud to announce our sponsorship of The Petersen’s state-of-the-art Alternative Energy Gallery when the redesigned museum reopens to the public.

Our sponsorship of the gallery will feature a variety of past, present and future alternative energy technologies ranging from natural gas, propane, electrification, hydrogen fuel cell and more.

While interest in alternative energy continues to experience a tremendous surge of interest in the U.S., LandiRenzo’s pedigree in engineering alternative fuel technology spans over 60+ years across the globe. Support of the Alternative Energy Gallery is a natural fit for LandiRenzo, mirroring our own values and vision for the future of the technology, while paying tribute to the past.

Working through Landi’s partnership with UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES) Corporate Partners Program, Petersen’s Alternative Energy Technology Gallery provides an environment for LandiRenzo’s Corporate University to conduct “extension” classes for individuals interested in clean fuel education.

LandiRenzo is excited to be a part of this collaborative partnership with The Petersen and top global brands, introducing innovative new technologies experiences never before seen in a museum setting. Through our membership in the Petersen Automotive Education Alliance, LandiRenzo reaffirms its role as a global leader in Eco-Mobility. We look forward to continued support of alternative fuel development efforts within Petersen education programs.

Read our full release here


Ford F250 Gas Company v2

Additional announcements for Landi Renzo USA at the ACT Expo in Dallas this week include plans for release of a CARB certified dedicated CNG system on the 2016MY Ford F-250/350 6.2L pickup/bed delete/cab chassis.

The addition of this new platform in the company’s U.S. portfolio is significant; enabling Landi Renzo to provide a <14,000 GVWR pickup and cab chassis solution in CARB regulated states, including our home state of California. The dedicated 6.2L platform will add to Landi’s extensive CARB certified list of products that include the Ford F-450/550, F-650, E-450 cutaway, F-53/59 stripped chassis and multiple GM 6.0L engine offerings.

Looking ahead to the 2016MY Ford commercial platforms, we’re excited for this new option and to be the only Ford QVM with both dedicated and bi-fuel solutions for the Super Duty F-250/350 and F-450/550 chassis” says Marc San Paolo, Vice President Sales & Marketing for Landi Renzo USA. He continues “Having another dedicated CNG solution for fleets operating in CARB states is huge for us. The plans for a CARB certified F250/350 system coupled with numerous cylinder configurations, will give vehicle acquisition decision makers the confidence that LRUSA has all the answers to meet their alternative fuel needs.

Landi Renzo USA is a Ford QVM – Qualified Vehicle Modifier and stands ready to supply CNG-capable Ford pick-up, chassis cab, and service body trucks through its Ship-thru offerings available to Ford dealers, as well as their qualified QVM installation network.


With the opening of the 2015 ACT Expo in Dallas, Landi Renzo USA has announced plans to release our most technologically advanced Electronic Pressure Regulator (EPR) for sale in the U.S. market.

Our regulator, one of the most innovative natural gas regulators in the industry, will yield the following advantages over the traditional mechanical style regulator commonly used in the industry.

Electronic Pressure Regulator Advantages and Main Characteristics:

  • Electronic control of optimal output pressure depending on specific engine and/or ambient conditions
  • Works with Natural Gas and supports the flow rates required for HD applications
  • Cold Start performances are vastly improved compared to a mechanical regulator
  • Compact single-stage design for improved vehicle packaging
  • Inherently reliable in cold conditions due to complete elimination of rubber parts
  • No heating required. An optional heater for freezing protection of other rubber-based  system parts (e.g. fuel injector O-ring seals, hose seals etc.) is available upon request
  • Closed loop control of output pressure with high dynamic response and no performance drift over the entire life-span
  • Extended range (or equivalent fuel saving in tank cost) compared to a standard mechanical pressure regulator obtained by further sensing and compensation at low CNG storage pressure
  • Proprietary software for control and diagnostic, integrated electronic control box, simple communication with the engine control system via vehicle CAN bus
  • Extensive validation (OEM specifications)

We are releasing a piece of innovative technology that will deliver immediate and tangible benefits to our customers by virtually eliminating several limitations affecting the conventional systems” says Marco Genova, Vice President of Engineering for Landi Renzo USA. “Our customers will be pleased with the new standard of performance achievable with the Electronic Pressure Regulator, in particular during cold engine starts at very low ambient temperature, with the compact packaging and the level of integration achievable with the engine and vehicle control system.

Plans for a phased in approach to existing products will include introduction of the EPR on the 2016MY Ford F450/550 6.8L V10. Introduction to additional platforms will follow.

To learn more about the advantages of the Landi Renzo EPR, contact us at info@landiusa.com. A webinar will be scheduled at a later date for a comprehensive overview of the EPR’s features and benefits. Estimated availability October 2015.

Landi Renzo USA is excited to announce our participation as the CARB & EPA certified fuel system provider for the roll out of these 600 natural gas delivery trucks. Utilizing our proven technology on the GM 6.0-liter powertrain, these Freightliner delivery trucks are positioned for many years of efficient and reliable operation on natural gas.

Read more: UPS to deploy 600 Landi Renzo delivery trucks.

UPS Natural Gas Delivery Truck

Natural gas continues to thrive. Despite the recent dip in fuel prices, alternative fuels continued to garner a tremendous amount of interest from fleets, dealers and end users who visited vehicles Landi Renzo had on display at this years NTEA Work Truck Show.

If you missed us at the show last week, CLICK here for some highlights from the event.

Work Truck Show 2015 Wrap Up.



Come see our natural gas trucks at this year’s Work Truck Show.

Landi Renzo USA will be displaying two Natural Gas trucks inside Ford’s booth (3239) at the 2015 NTEA Work Truck show.

We look forward to seeing you there!

NTEA Graphic

Landi Renzo Goes for Gold

Announcing our Support for Renowned University’s Environmental and Sustainability Program

It is with great enthusiasm that Landi Renzo announces our Gold Corporate Partnership with UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES) Corporate Partners Program.

UCLA’s Corporate Partners Program was developed by the IoES’s Center for Corporate Environmental Performance with input from a variety of global industry leaders involved in the “green business.” The model for the Corporate Partners Program is to encourage collaboration and communication on environment and sustainability issues.

Through Landi Renzo’s own established Corporate University, our contribution to the program will include over half a century of knowledge within the alternative fuels industry, with strategic emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable vehicle technology development.

Landi Renzo joins a program with companies that include Boeing, Toyota, Bayer & Southern California Gas Company.

Landi Renzo Corporate University – In November of 2006, Landi Renzo founded their Corporate University with the mission of becoming the hub & spoke of experiences, knowledge, innovation and creativity as it relates to our diverse technology and the future of sustainable mobility.

The increased global focus on sustainable mobility demonstrated by policy makers, public opinion, consumers and automotive manufacturers has significantly boosted Landi Renzo Group’s market reach and enhanced the Group’s awareness of itself as a benchmark in terms of sustainable mobility.

The mission of both Landi Renzo and UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability couldn’t be more closely aligned. Generating knowledge and providing solutions for local, regional and global environmental problems, while educating the next generation of professional leadership committed to the health of our planet, is the core objective for each organization.

“Landi Renzo is proud to be part of a program which supports such a collaborative effort in conducting high quality research and education provided at the IoES, with access to a world renowned University and a network of professionals and organizations, motivated by common goals and interests.” says Andrea Landi, President of Landi Renzo USA.

Education – In order to capitalize and disseminate Landi Renzo’s knowledge and experience, while spreading the culture of sustainable mobility, the Corporate University publishes scientific and popular material with support from Faculty and Professionals, both inside and outside the Group.

Two such publications include Eco & Green Cars and Landi Renzo and Sustainable Mobility, with a preface written by Romano Prodi – Italian politician and statesman. Roman Prodi served as the Prime Minister of Italy, from May 17, 1996 to October 21, 1998 and from May 17, 2006 to May 8, 2008. He was also the tenth President of the European Commission from 1999 to 2004.

Landi Renzo and Sustainable Mobility – The story of an entrepreneur from Reggio Emilia and his innovations in Italy’s “motor valley.”

Eco & Green Cars – A guide for eco-friendly and sustainable vehicles.

The World Leader in Alternative Fuel Systems

Operating through both OEM and Aftermarket business channels, Landi Renzo has achieved a worldwide market share in excess of 30% with our Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) systems.

Products are distributed worldwide in more than 50 countries through 17 subsidiaries with over 50 million conversion systems sold to date.
Landi Renzo has over 60 years of global experience providing millions of alternative fuel systems to over 50 countries.

Today, Landi Renzo USA and Baytech offer one of the broadest CARB & EPA certified NGV product portfolios available on the market, with total turnkey solutions on a variety of product platforms.

For more information about Landi Renzo, visit our website www.landiusa.com or call (310) 257-9481 to speak with a representative.

The recent drop in gasoline and diesel prices may have some fleet operators and consumers wondering: Why bother switching to natural gas?

Read More: NGT News – Next-Gen Transportation: Report: NGVs Still a Smart Buy Despite Declining Oil Prices.

LEAM Drilling Chooses Landi Renzo and Nat G for NGV Fleet

Landi Renzo F550 bifuel

When LEAM Drilling, a Louisiana-based directional and horizontal drilling company, first transitioned their fleet of vehicles to natural gas, they struggled to find a reliable partner to provide ongoing service and support.

“We tried numerous systems and were initially disappointed with the technology and the level of customer service. When we connected with Nat G, we found support and we feel assured that the support will continue as we grow our natural gas fleet,” said Sonia Bradley, project manager at LEAM.

With more than a dozen bi-fuel Ford trucks in its fleet, LEAM needed a natural gas vehicle partner that was also a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM). The tag team of Ford QVM manufacturer Landi Renzo and Ford QVM installer Nat G was an ideal fit. Nat G and Landi Renzo have since converted several additional Ford vehicles for LEAM’s fleet.

“We are early adopters of natural gas vehicles,” said Bradley. “Nat G has given the extra push we needed to build a reliable fleet.”

Landi Renzo Ford F-550 bifuel

This month Nat G delivered two additional factory qualified bi-fuel vehicles using Landi Renzo systems to LEAM’s Pegasus NGV fleet. LEAM began transitioning its fleet to CNG in 2010, starting with four medium-duty vehicles. Since connecting with Nat G and Landi Renzo in 2013 they have expanded their fleet to 18 total CNG vehicles.

LEAM Drilling’s partnership with Landi Renzo and Nat G has led to an increase in service quality and value for their growing fleet of NGVs.

“Our natural gas vehicles have a higher ROI. At the rate we are using them, the conversion cost is paid within six months on each vehicle. Our latest, 2014 models, received early this year, have had no issues at all,” Bradley said.


60 years of Innovation, Internationalization and Training. These three key words have helped Landi Renzo achieve a position of global leadership in the field of alternative fuels systems for the automotive industry.

On Friday, September 19, 2014, in the company of esteemed partners, political leadership and important personalities of the automotive industry, Landi Renzo celebrated their 60th Anniversary. To celebrate our sixth decade of business, Landi Renzo organized a first class event at our headquarters in Cavriago (RE), Italy.

The agenda featured a welcome & opening speech by Landi Renzo President and CEO, Stefano Landi, detailing the company’s rich heritage, present state of the organization and future plans for continued leadership in the alternative fuels industry. Following Mr. Landi’s address was a presentation from keynote speaker and 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Woodrow W. Clark II, PhD.

Landi Renzo R&D

Landi Renzo R&D Center

The 60th anniversary celebration coincided with the official inauguration of the company’s new, state of the art Research & Development Center, located adjacent to our headquarters.

Highlights of the new R&D Center include:

Engine Test Benches

  • Test Bench 1 – Light Duty Highly Dynamic Engine Test Bench with Isac module (Vehicle simulation)
  • Test Bench 2 – Light Duty Dynamic Engine Test Bench
  • Test Bench 3 – Heavy Duty Dynamic engine test bench
  • Test Bench 4 – Multipurpose test bed for engine, electric motors, etc.

Chassis Dynos

  • Room 1 – 4WD Climatic Room + Emissions + Chassis Dynometer + XtraCold – high speed + Extended Wheelbase + High Power + Climatic Room
  • Room 2 – 4WD Climatic Room + Emissions
  • Room 3 – 2WD Calibration and WOT Room

EOS 70D_1299

“Our new R&D Center is unique to the industry,” says Andrea Landi, President of Landi Renzo USA. “Through its implementation of advanced technology we can continue to develop, test and produce some of the most modern and advanced CNG and LPG alternative fuel systems on the market”

The World Leader in Alternative Fuel Systems Operating through both OEM and Aftermarket business channels, Landi Renzo has achieved a worldwide market share in excess of 30% with our Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) systems. Products are distributed worldwide in more than 50 countries through 17 subsidiaries with over 50 million conversion systems sold to date. Landi Renzo has over 60 years of global experience providing millions of alternative fuel systems to over 50 countries. Today, Landi Renzo USA and Baytech offer one of the broadest CARB & EPA certified NGV product portfolios available on the market, with total turnkey solutions on a variety of product platforms.

EOS 70D_1329