Warranty Registration

Warranty Registration

  • 1) Please complete the Warranty Registration Form and submit to Landi Renzo USA to activate the warranty on your vehicle and receive flashed ECU and VECI label for your vehicle.

    2) After the Warranty Registration Form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email.

    3) Print the confirmation email and send both the vehicle PCM and confirmation email to Landi Renzo Service Department for calibration:

    Landi Renzo USA
    c/o Service Department
    23535 Telo Avenue, Torrance CA 90505

    ATTENTION MyCANIC USERS: If you are in possession of a MyCANIC tool specific for your Landi application, you will be able to flash the CNG calibration into your vehicle PCM using that tool. Please refer to Landi Installation Manual for instructions about how to use MyCANIC tool.

    It is essential that the information below is accurate and complete, as this information must be reported to Federal and State Regulatory Agencies.


Installation Center Information


Vehicle Information


End User Information


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