At Landi Renzo USA we develop innovative alternative fuel technologies that support American energy independence while promoting clean burning, sustainable transportation fuels, leading to overall improvements for a cleaner environment.


Our research and development advance the use of alternative motor propulsion fuels that are cost-efficient and respect the environment. Through advanced systems we combat atmospheric pollution and environmental changes while seeking to improve quality of life.

Landi Renzo is conscious of our social responsibility to the land, society, and the environment as we promote a culture of eco-sustainable transportation  Why do we believe Natural Gas is the fuel of the future?

Not only is Natural Gas affordable, reliable and safe, but it is also responsible for one quarter of our nation’s energy supply. Abundant, clean, and produced in the United States, the same natural gas that is used to heat homes and offices around the globe is becoming widely accepted as the smartest alternative to gasoline and diesel fuels.


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