Broadwind-SAFE is a strategic partnership offering customer focused, cost effective and reliable compression infrastructure solutions to the North American CNG market. Powered by SAFE S.p.A. core compression technology, complemented by Broadwind Energy fabrication expertise and national service network, we offer a wide range of compression solutions to meet any CNG fueling application. Leveraging global experience of over 3500 units installed, our made in America product line is fueling tomorrow’s energy needs – today.

Broadwind Energy and SAFE offer a robust selection of fully-engineered compressed natural gas (CNG) compressors for CNG fueling stations at cost points and capabilities to meet every business need—large or small.

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SAFE SpA, a subsidiary of Landi Renzo SpA, has been manufacturing CNG compression packages and other related equipment, as well as compression packages for the oil and gas industry, for more than 40 years. Founded in 1975, SAFE has become a global market leader and has delivered over 3,500 compressors systems worldwide.


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