Dual Fuel Products

The Technology

After years of dual fuel diesel research and development, Landi Renzo brings our global experience to the US Market after perfecting the system on various global diesel applications. The Landi Renzo  dual fuel engine technology introduces compressed natural gas into the intake system. Dual fuel engines can operate either on 100% diesel or a mixture of diesel and natural gas.

Our diesel dual fuel (DDF) technology allows a diesel engine to operate efficiently on a combination of diesel and compressed natural gas. During vehicle operation the system provides and controls the injection of CNG and diesel in varying degrees based on engine operating output demand.

Just like any of our CNG solutions, Landi Renzo dual fuel systems are configured to achieve the highest level of integration with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) system.

PS Glider Decal Demo CNG DF logoDetroit Diesel | 12.7L S60 | Dual Fuel


The clear benefits of this type of conversion are that it’s reversible and achieves a significant savings in fuel costs – all while reducing vehicle emissions.

  • Performance comparable to the original engine in terms of torque/power and drivability
  • Maintaining/Improving the emission levels of original engine
  • Flexibility for adaptation of different diesel engines
  • Ability to switch back to original full diesel if needed
  • Requires less CNG storage compared to dedicated CNG vehicles
  • Extended range compared to original diesel system

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